How Much Does it Cost to Run A Hot Tub?

If you’ve been contemplating purchasing a hot tub, you may be concerned about the hot tub running costs. Rest assured, the costs involved won’t break the bank, and we’ve got some great advice, tips and tricks for ultimate hot tub efficiency.

The amount of energy consumption your hot tub requires will depend on several contributing factors. Firstly, the area you live in and the cost of energy per kilowatt, the climate, how large your hot tub is, how well it is insulated and frequency of use. Considering all of these factors and the helpful tips we’ll supply below, on average, your monthly bill will likely increase by just £20 to £40. There’s no reason not the get a hot tub!

Reduce Hot Tun Running Costs and Energy Consumption

Hot Tub Energy Efficiency Tips

There are a few different factors that will affect your hot tub running costs. Aspects such as the frequency of use of your hot tub will determine whether your expenses are higher or lower. It goes without saying that the more you use your hot tub, the more energy you will use and the more heat your hot tub will use. A good fitting and well-insulated cover will protect your hot tub from the elements and help preserve heat.

A common misconception is that you save energy by turning off your hot tub while it’s not in use. This is inaccurate. Maintaining your hot tub at a constant temperature will save on hot tub running costs, and make sure you’re prepared for those unexpected hot tub soaks.

Keeping to a habitual hot tub cleaning routine is a vital factor in your hot tub’s efficiency and, in turn, your energy consumption. Maintaining your hot tub and water health means that you won’t have to drain it more than the necessary amount. This saves you money on reheating your water.
Buying a good quality hot tub is an essential thing to consider when thinking about hot tub running costs. Better quality hot tubs mean better insulation which in turn means you will lose less heat. A beneficial place to find more information on hot tubs is What Spa. What Spa is a conclusive hot tub buyers guide, from advice on buying your first hot tub to preparing for your hot tub delivery.

Hot tub with a cover on a paved patio

How Does Hot Tub Hub Ensure Energy Efficiency and Low Hot Tub Running Costs?

Hot Tub Hub prides itself in only supplying high-quality hot tubs and spas to the market. We understand that a premium hot tub means the difference between higher energy costs and energy efficiency.

As an example of how the hot tubs we supply are designed to work efficiently, look no further than Caldera’s Paradise and Utopia ranges. Caldera’s innovation has resulted in their exclusive EnergyPro pump and hot tub heater. The pump uses 80 per cent of energy to transfer heat to your hot tub. Caldera spas also use specially developed FiberCor insulation. This insulation is made from loose, environmentally friendly wool fibres. These fibres fill every crevis in your hot tub compartments, leading to better hot tub insulation and heat-storing efficiency.

Hot Tub Water Usage 

The volume of water required to fill a hot tub is totally dependant on the size of your hot tub. Hot tub water generally has to be changed quarterly to maintain optimum efficiency and hygiene. As with your electric, the cost of filling your hot tub will depend on the area you live in. It would be difficult to determine just how much you’d be spending additionally on water consumption but rest assured it won’t cost you an excessive amount. 

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Don’t Forget the Chemicals

A small cost to consider when establishing your budget for hot tub running costs is for chemicals. If you choose to keep your hot tub running all year round, bear in mind that your hot tub will require more hygiene maintenance. Of course, this cost will vary on the type of chemicals you choose to use; chlorine or bromine and, of course, where you decided to buy your chemicals. Chemicals are not the best way to save money on hot tub costs, as your hot tub must be kept hygienic for your hot tubs sustainability. 

Have Any Questions?

If you’ve been considering investing in a hot tub, we believe that the cost to run a hot tub shouldn’t deter you from the idea. The monthly costs are manageable, and the benefits you will feel from your daily, weekly or monthly soaks will put your mind at rest.

Get in touch with us today to see how Hot Tub Hub can help you purchase your dream hot tub today. 


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