our Hot tub range

Exclusively selling the highest quality hot tubs directly to you from the Fantasy Spa and Caldera Spa ranges. 

We understand that investing in a hot tub is a big decision. At Hot Tub Hub, we aim to provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to purchasing your dream spa.

We include installation, set-up and delivery to ensure you can start using your hot tub right away.

Utopia Hot Tub Range

The premium spa from the Caldera range. The pinnacle of hot tub design, the Utopia Series is unlike anything available today. And it’s waiting for you.

Prices from £15,680  including installation, set-up and delivery

Paradise Range

Another cornerstone and luxury product spa within the Caldera range. Transformation, wellness, and connection are always at your beck and call with the popular Paradise Series.

Prices from £10,295  including installation, set-up and delivery.

Vacanza Range

All the wellness benefits of a Caldera spa, available at an exceptional value. Refresh, renew, and emerge ready for what life has to offer.

Prices from £6,955 including installation, set-up and delivery.

Fantasy Range

Turn your garden into an outdoor retreat, nestled amongst the pines in the crisp mountain air. Or an all-inclusive beach holiday. Or a faraway city. It’s your Fantasy. You choose.

Prices from £4,565 including installation, set-up and delivery.


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